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Reliable High-Risk Merchant Account for SARMS Merchants

Are you an eCommerce store owner selling SARM ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) or other steroids? Looking for a proven effective way to accept payments from buyers? You have reached the right place. Now SARMS merchants have a quick and easy way to accept online payments with no risk of chargeback or fraud. We provide high-risk SARMS merchant account & credit card processing solutions with fast approval.


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Fill out our easy online application, sign applications digitally using your mouse, and securely upload supporting documents with the secure payment processing solution application.

High Risk Merchant Account Shopify

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Your SARMS high-risk merchant account applications are sent to all banks that have pre-approved you. Banks executives will review it thoroughly and determine a processing limit.

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Once payment gateways are activated for your SARMS business, integrate your payment gateway with the backend of your site, and start accepting payments from your buyers immediately.

About High-Risk Holdings

We are committed to providing superior financial products while keeping costs as low as possible for high-risk merchants. Our team has years of high-risk payment processing experience and we thoroughly tested numerous processing banks in the U.S.A to understand which are a perfect fit for SARMS merchant account are. The High-Risk Holdings team can get you approved today for high-risk merchant accounts for B2B, eCommerce or Retail at reduced rates & fees.


Fast Approvals

Our online platform, which is integrated with numerous banks assures a quick approval process on your application so SARMS merchants can start accepting credit card payment right away.

Secure Processing

You can minimize fraudulent charges by utilizing our fraud-prevention tools. We also have cutting-edge risk prevention tools to keep the merchant account for SARMS healthy.

Excellent Customer Support

Our SARMS echeck processing & merchant account agents are available to make your application process easy. Our team is available to help to complete the application.

eCheck Processing Solutions for SARMS & PEPTIDES Merchants

Are you an ecommerce merchant selling SARMS, peptides, bodybuilding supplements or research chemicals? Looking for a proven effective way to accept payments?? We have a smooth and seamless way to accept online payments with no risk of chargebacks or fraud.

It can be very challenging for SARMS and Peptides Merchants to find a viable processing solution.

Virtually no US acquiring bank will accept SARMS and Peptides merchants. You might be able to go offshore & get expensive accounts with big reserves, long settlement times, and no guarantees that the account will remain open.

What payment options are available?

We currently offer an eCheck solution for SARMS and Peptides. Credit card payments are unfortunately restricted at this time.

What is eCheck

An e-check is an electronic payment from your checking account. In order to use an e-check you must enter in your bank user name and password and the transactions is as smooth and seamless as completing a PayPal transaction.

E-checks and electronic payments are often used to make online payments.

Among the advantages to this method of payment include speed of processing and an electronic record of your payment. Once you make an e-check payment, you typically get a receipt almost immediately that you can print or save as a PDF file. Most payees also provide the option to receive an email confirmation.

Why can't I use my credit card?

All major credit card companies have restricted payments for SARMS and Peptides sales. The only way to accept credit cards would be through unreliable foreign processors or expensive and illegal cover businesses.