Best High Risk Payment Processing

High Risk Payment Processing

Best High Risk Payment Processing Solution In United States

It is no secret that the financial world is changing rapidly and will only grow in the years to come. With each passing day, there is a new industry that sets up in the high risk industry.

Today, there are several new business sectors emerging that involve high risk; some of them revolve around cannabis and marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, online gaming, adult entertainment, debt collection, and so on.

While high-risk businesses may seem like promising areas, there are also many risks and drawbacks involved.

The issues that threaten high-risk sectors include fraud, cyber security, and money laundering, and the lack of secure payment gateways is a pain for many businesses.

With High Risk Holdings, we make transactions ten times easier, more convenient, secure, and transparent to protect both the merchant and the customer.

High Risk Payment Processing
High Risk Payment Processing

The Problems with High-Risk Merchant Accounts

A high-risk merchant account is one where an account is held with a financial institution. This account allows businesses or merchants to receive money through their earned sales. However, the issues with high-risk merchant accounts are the following:

  1. Opening an account is quite challenging; unfortunately, banks and other account providers avoid setting up merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. If, however, you do manage to open an account but are found in violation of even the minutest of conditions, your account will get blocked, which will result in a loss of sales.
  2. High processing fees: many businesses in the high-risk sector are penalised with high processing fees and unfortunately cannot avoid the cost because it is a means for banks and other processors to recoup added compliance costs for the added risk they are taking.
  3. Reserves need to be maintained; all high-risk merchants are required to keep a rolling reserve. This means that about 20% of your volume transactions are kept on hold for a period of time and are only released and settled after that.
  4. Higher chargebacks: unfortunately, high-risk businesses have higher chargebacks and may even have monthly thresholds.
  5. High-risk merchant accounts are prone to fraudulent attacks and most third-party merchant accounts aren’t safe or updated.

How High Risk Holdings Can Help Your Business

We at High Risk Holdings make high-risk merchant accounts a lot easier, safer, and more convenient. Some of our key USPs include:

  1. You can sell everywhere : be it online purchases, in-store purchases, mobile payments, or even self-service, with our high-risk payment processing solutions, you can sell anywhere.
  2. Easy to manage processing : with our solutions, you can easily manage all payment processing and even generate reports of all the payment activities in real-time.
  3. Multiple currencies are accepted : unlike other merchant payment processing solution providers, we accept all major currencies for easier and smoother transactions.
  4. No hidden costs : Our solutions are transparent and don’t include any hidden costs.

Additionally, we use highly secured payment gateways that are fully certified for credit card processing as well. And since we provide omni-channel payment gateways, you can offer your products on several platforms: online, offline, and even via mobile.

High Risk Payment Processing

Why Choose High Risk Holding’s High Risk Payment Processing ?

High-risk businesses need to associate with a payment partner they can trust. Therefore, here at High Risk Holdings, we provide a one-stop solution for payments and banking services for industries in the high-risk sector.

Our packages are designed to provide you with ease, convenience, and transparency without burning a hole in your profits. 

To know more about our services, contact us here or give us a call at +18882184818.