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As a leading high risk merchant service provider, High Risk Holdings team offers secure credit card processing solutions for online business vendors and offshore merchants. If you are running what banks consider a speculative business, and then turn to our high risk payment gateway account for safe and quick transactions.

A high risk merchant account is a payment processing account for high risk categorized businesses by the acquiring banks and the credit card companies. At High Risk Holdings, our team can get your merchant account approved today for B2B, eCommerce or Retail at reduced rates and fees.

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    If you run a business in the industries like SARMS, KRATOM, Gambling, Fantasy sports and similar, you need a high risk merchant account USA services to accept credit card payments from the customers on your website. If you are a high risk merchant, you have to deal with high merchant account costs than a regular merchant. At High Risk Holdings we aim to keep the cost down and the features the same.

    High Risk Merchant Processing Solutions for All Industries

    Adult Entertainment
    Credit Repair
    Collection Agency
    CBD Merchants
    Dating websites

    Fantasy Sports
    Real estate

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      What is High Risk Merchant Account Criteria

      Many business owners or vendors from across the world are surprised when they apply for a merchant payment gateway, their application is denied as their industry type is classified under high risk category. The thing with high risk merchant processing accounts is that there is absolutely no middle ground. Also, the definition of high risk is not also uniform across the entire industry. While a certain business might be classified as a high risk, however, the same business might not be classified as high risk by another high risk merchant services provider. Every provider has own set of guidelines whether a particular business falls into a high risk merchant category or not.

      Some of the merchant account services companies determine the eligibility of a business to have a merchant account in a relaxing way, but others might have strict guidelines. So, it’s important for you to understand the labeling of a business as the best high risk merchant account provider has nothing to do with your business. It simply means you may have chances of high chargebacks, frauds and other issues with business or website or eCommerce store belonging to the high risk category.

      It doesn’t matter if your business is not listed in the above list, we offer high risk merchant account USA services to any kind of industry, even they have bad credit in the history. Our merchant account application process is completely easy, take advantage of our merchant processing solutions.

      High Risk Holding

      Why You Need High-Risk Merchant Account Services?

      The people who are running an ecommerce store need a merchant account. One cannot receive a payment from the buyers without a merchant account. The high risk merchant account authenticates the online payment process via credit/debit card, net banking and through other payment gateways. A startup company with no credit card processing will be considered a high-risk in the online market because online businesses have high chargeback risk. To overcome such risk, a secured merchant account and a payment gateway is important.

      What is High Risk Payment Gateway?

      High Risk Holdings offers payment gateway account solutions to business owners in high risk category, which means that as a payment processing providers, our banking partners are willing to accept the liability for the increased risk associated with those industries that are categorized as needing a high risk payment gateway account. Our reliable payment gateway makes your credit card processing safer and secure with integrated fraud prevention solutions to avoid chargebacks.

      Benefits of High Risk Merchant Account

      Do you know higher fees and processing rates is one of the common disadvantages of high risk merchant accounts? Moreover, running a high risk business is tough and comes with so many limitations. So there are numerous benefits of having a high-risk merchant account:

      • Global coverage
      • High chargeback protection
      • Fully encrypted
      • Anti-fraud weapons
      • Custom recurring payment plans
      • Risk scoring models
      • Buyers tracking

      Gambling Merchant Account
      Gambling Merchant Account

      Choosing the Best High Risk Merchant Account Provider

      If you have been labeled as a high risk category business, finding payment processors that are willing to offer account services is not easy to find. Major banks tend to charge high credit card processing fees for high risk businesses, while many other U.S payment gateway processors have strict processing limits in place. Here are several features you should look into high risk merchant account service providers:

      • Affordable credit card processing fees
      • Experienced in high risk processing
      • Payment terminals and hardware to process payments
      • Round-the-clock customer support
      • A strong network of offshore merchant solutions
      • Reasonable contracts

      How to Apply for High-Risk Merchant Account?

      To get a secure, fast and safe merchant account, you need to fill out an application online. Ofcourse, to accept online payments through credit card holders you also need a reliable high risk credit card processor from us. At High risk holdings the process of applying for a high risk merchant account USA is simple and short. Our underwriters will help you find a bank that matches your business needs, once your merchant account application is approved by the acquiring bank, you can start processing online payments through mobiles. Here are the supporting documents you require before applying for a merchant account:

      • Shareholder certificate
      • Incorporation certificate
      • Proof of business
      • A Voided check
      • Bank statements
      • Proof of bank account
      • Previous processing statements
      • Business license
      • Business owner identity proof
      • Marketing material

      If you own a business that is likely to be labeled high-risk, it does not mean that you have lost the ability to accept debit/credit cards for your business. So, you get in touch with High Risk Holdings team today and let us help you get approved merchant account allowing you to accept payments for your business.

      Apply now and take advantage of our high risk processing solutions and achieve the best merchant account at the best rates available.

      Why High Risk Holdings

      Our excellent team has years of experience in the financial industry serving high risk merchants for credit card processing solutions by using their compelling blend of corporate experience and entrepreneurial flair to deliver a great value for high risk & other ecommerce website across the world.

      High Risk Holdings offer high risk payment gateway account so that you will be able to accept credit cards from your buyers with our seamless integrations. As there are many high risk merchant payment gateway providers out there for you to choose from but we provide you robust white-label platform to help you connect in the digital payments world.

      Our high risk merchant account services and credit card processors help business owners take their business to the next level.

      Features of Our High Risk Merchant Account

      Seek a secure, reliable, credit card processing services at Highriskholdings.com. You have come to the right place; we welcome international high risk merchants of all industries to apply for high risk merchant account.

      Competitive Rates:

      High Risk Holdings goal is to lower your current rates to save your valuable money on processing fees.

      Fast Approvals:

      Start processing transactions quickly to get more orders on your site.

      Wide Banking Network:

      The choice of acquiring banks through us is friendly to high risk merchants and we ensure merchant services for all types of businesses.

      Free Fraud Protection:

      Our merchant account comes with an array of fraud-fighting tools that are effective and help you quickly accept good orders and decline fraud transactions.

      ACH Accounts or eCheck Payments:

      Get a high-risk ACH account or an electronic version of a paper check used to make online transactions. Anyone can pay by eCheck if they have a checking account.

      Chargeback Prevention:

      Maintain a high level of quality control on your products, provide excellent customer service, establishing clear T & C’s can help chargeback defense. Prevent chargebacks before they occur through our high risk merchant processing solutions.

      Superb Customer Service:

      We have professional experienced representatives to provide assistance whenever you want it.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I get a virtual terminal with merchant account?

      Yes, virtual terminals are included with our high risk merchant accounts. It is a web-based application and requires no additional software. It also gives you secure access to your business account from any internet browser, enabling you to process transactions manually. Virtual terminals are commonly used by businesses for phone and mail order payments and connects to a secure payment processing gateway.

      What are the charges for the application?

      You don’t have to pay any application fee for a high risk merchant account it is always free. Be aware of companies that charge, these companies often care about fees rather than getting you a merchant account.

      It can be very challenging for SARMS and Peptides Merchants to find a viable processing solution.

      Virtually no US acquiring bank will accept SARMS and Peptides merchants. You might be able to go offshore & get expensive accounts with big reserves, long settlement times, and no guarantees that the account will remain open.

      Is credit card processing is secure?

      There will always be some risk associated with handling and transmitting sensitive data, processing credit card transactions with a reputable payment processor is a must. Along with securing your computers, terminals, and networks there are several security measures high-risk merchant implement to boost their security. A reputable credit card processing company can discuss in detail.

      How do I apply for a high risk merchant account?

      Applying for a high-risk merchant account at Highriskholdings is the same as applying for a standard merchant account. You have to fill out an application form and submit supporting documents for the acquiring bank. Make sure your business has a solid business plan and well-capitalized in order to submit an application. On approval, our team will contact you!

      What payment types can I accept?

      With a high-risk merchant account you’re able to accept traditional magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip credit cards, and eWallets. You should also consider whether you need to accept payments on-the-go, online, or over the smartphone. Depending on your customer’s base, some businesses also want to consider accepting secure check payments.