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    Online Gambling Merchant Account Services

    High Risk Holdings choses Gambling as our most top prioritized operation due to our high success rate in the industry. We provide an online payment solution to multiple Gambling Businesses. Our team leads the gambling industry in the highest customer service level and decreases prices for our devoted online merchants.
    Choose us to receive the very best payment processing and gambling merchant account solutions available via our network of banks around the world.


    Gambling Merchant Account

    Increase in Revenue

    Get a broad range of payment methods through over 30+ alternative payment methods, giving you the opportunity to easily expand into new markets and reduce currency conversion rates. We offer reliable online gambling merchant account services at competitive and reasonable fees and prices.

    Gambling Merchant Account

    Avoid Chargebacks

    Though chargebacks are a major problem for the online gambling world, here at High Risk Holdings our solutions keep these risks away. Many players after experiencing a huge loss, will call their credit card issuer and deny the previous charges. With our platform, we inform our merchants to avoid such situations and assist in maximizing their profits.

    Gambling Merchant Account

    Increase Player Conversions

    At High Risk Holdings, our experts offer dedicated support with decades of experience in payment processing and online gambling. Our team will work with you to fine-tune your payment acceptance methods and increase conversion rates. Our gambling merchant accounts allows your business to process high volume sales.


    We are fully transparent with all our online payment processing and solutions fees. A formal fee schedule will be issued to a merchant for approval once your account is approved. We provide you a specialized merchant account depending on your transaction patterns that ensure your electronic payment processing will be smooth and efficient. There is absolutely ZERO risks, so feel free to begin today and contact us and apply for a gambling merchant account today!


    Here at High Risk Holdings we specialized in processing payments for high risk businesses in sectors including gambling and casino. Online gambling is a special category not accepted by many banks due to the high risk of fraudulent activities and the historical frequency of chargebacks. We focus on serving international merchants through our acquired network of banks worldwide which accept online gambling merchants.
    • Fraud screening and proactive support
    • Server-2-Server API
    • Award-winning PCI compliant gateway
    • Alternative Payment Methods
    • Offshore Startup Online Gambling Merchant Accounts
    • Customizable Checks on Every Transaction

    Gambling Merchant Account