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Cannabis Payment Processing

Best Cannabis Payment Processing Solution In United States

The legalisation of cannabis across the United States has led to several businesses and industries planting their seeds in the retail space. 

You will find many businesses taking advantage of the brick and mortar model as well as the e-commerce space to set their businesses rolling. 

However, dealing with cannabis is a tricky business. The cannabis space comes with its share of challenges because businesses are struggling to find the right means of operation while remaining in compliance with the “multiple levels” of the U.S. government.

Since cannabis is a Schedule I controlled substance, there are several restrictions when it comes to selling it. That is the reason banks are not equipped to handle federal or state regulations that surround cannabis. 

As a result, it has become difficult for companies in this space to obtain loans or even process transactions.  This is another reason you cannot purchase cannabis via credit card, although Americans prefer this mode of payment for most transactions. 

This loophole is a major setback for many businesses and the only way around it is to find a balanced means that caters to customers in need and only allows legal dispensaries to participate in cannabis transactions.

We have just the solution for that. We at High Risk Holdings offer a secure, transparent and effective cannabis payment processing solution that not only benefits you but also your customers.

What is Cannabis Payment Processing?

Cannabis Payment Processing is a one-stop processing method for cannabis dispensary purchases which includes methods such as debit card processing, e-check processing, and even e-commerce processing.

In other words, it is a processing method that is secure, convenient, and compliant with the law. Moreover, it is a transparent mode of payment that allows customers to securely transact without falling victim to high chargebacks or fraudulent activities.

Each activity is highly regulated and comes with complete transparency to ensure greater protection for businesses and their clients.
If you’d like to know how you or your business can set up lawful cannabis payment processing, then get in touch with our team, and we will reach out to you with a simple solution at the best possible price.

Cannabis Payment Processing

Why Choose High Risk Holding’s Cannabis Payment Processing Methods?

We at High Risk Holdings take note of the four key areas when it comes to cannabis payment processing, these are:



This is a crucial factor for customers and businesses. Each customer wants to make safe and secure payments, irrespective of the payment gateway or method the dispensary offers. With our cannabis payment processing solutions, you can expect that and more.



The regulations surrounding cannabis are quite strict, and even the tiniest irregularity can get you in trouble. For instance, the seller should be a legal seller in order to maintain a level of transparency when accepting payments. Our solutions and systems are designed in such a way that all activities are tracked for mere transparency reasons to keep businesses and customers on the safe end.



At High Risk Holdings, We understand that seamless transactions are important for a positive business experience and satisfaction. Whether you’re a business owner or a customer, our payment gateways strive to provide a hassle free experience. Get in touch with our team to understand how we can scale convenience on both ends.

scalable payment gateway


Our solutions are designed such to meet the size of your business, various locations, and load of transactions. We can handle a high volume of transactions efficiently, ensuring smooth operations as your business grows and expands. Our goal is to support businesses in the cannabis industry by offering tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements.

Get Your Cannabis Payment Processing Account Today

We at High Risk Holdings take our role seriously. We therefore ensure the best solution for cannabis payment processing that is secure, transparent, convenient, and scalable as per your request. You can get more information about our solutions from our team. Kindly fill out the form or simply drop us a mail. You can expect us to get back to you within 7 business days.